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Victorious Festival: Evidencing economic and wider impacts

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Bluegrass has evaluated the economic and wider impacts of the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth since 2014.

Through on-site, in person interviewing and post-event online surveys, we gather robust data to feed into internal strategies, for external funders such as sponsors and Councils, and for media coverage.

We use audience numbers and average spend data to calculate impact from visitors, and combine this with organiser spend and ticket & merchandise sales to arrive at the overall economic impact. Demographic data is analysed to give the organisers an understanding of their visitor base, alongside satisfaction with various logistical and experiential aspects.  Positive impacts on perceptions of Portsmouth, and non-residents’ likelihood to return there, form a crucial part of the story.

Our delivery of this evaluation for 6 consecutive years is testament to the value placed on the work we do on behalf of the Festival, giving us a wealth of cumulative data to draw from.

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