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Swindon's Bus Company: Informing passenger growth strategy

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We have a very strong portfolio of travel and transport research, with national experience of surveying public transport users and non-users to understand behaviours and attitudes, and to evaluate ways of influencing behaviour.

This project was all about where and how Swindon’s residents are travelling; their engagement with and experience of bus travel; and how to encourage them to use bus. Undertaken post-COVID, assessing the longer-term impact of the pandemic on attitudes and behaviour was an important element.

Our methodology combined on-street interviewing and an online survey distributed via social media. Occasional and non-users were the prime targets. A sample of over 600 interviews was achieved.

The result was evidence-based recommendations around what Swindon’s Bus Company needs to do to engage occasional and non users – the behaviours they need to change and the attitudes they need to challenge. We defined the opportunities for growth, supported by direction on the approach and messaging required to engage – and ultimately achieve. All in the context of the post-COVID challenge.

We are very proud of what we delivered for Swindon’s Bus Company. Please get in touch if you want to know more about how we can help you…

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