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The Science Museum: Generating insights for future exhibition design

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We have been working with Museums and the Arts since Bluegrass was founded – it’s our bread and butter.

We have experience of evaluating museums up and down the country and know a thing or two about understanding visitor behaviour and attitudes.

This project was all about delivering a meaningful evaluation of ‘Science City 1550-1800: The Linbury Gallery’ at the Science Museum, London, to generate insights that could be taken forward into future exhibition design.

Our bespoke mixed methodology combined face-to-face interviews; behavioural observation; accompanied visits; and depth interviews all with visitors of the gallery. The result was robust, actionable, and detailed insights evidencing: who visits the gallery; how visitors use / respond to the gallery; how visitors engage with the design of the gallery; the extent to which the interpretation supports object engagement; what visitors understand from the gallery; which learning outcomes were fulfilled.   

We are very pleased with the work we delivered for the Science Museum and encourage you to get in touch to find out how we can help you.