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Since 2015 we’ve be working with Birmingham Museums Trust, one of the largest independent charitable trusts of museums in the UK.

Bluegrass has supported the Trust to create an increasingly rich understanding of its visitors and how they interact and respond to seven of its sites across Birmingham. Covering not only the flagship venues BMAG and Thinktank, but a range of Historic Properties, the work we do has to tick a lot of boxes.

By speaking to hundreds of visitors each year, we give the Trust the evidence they need to plan strategies including pricing, communications, and programming, as well as providing key data to funders. A suite of reporting ensures the results are easily accessible and in-person presentations let us tell the story of the findings.

We build on our data set each year whilst reacting to and capturing reactions to change. In 2018, when Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery hosted ‘Dippy on Tour’, we helped the Trust to understand its effect, and the economic impact on the surrounding area.

We’re very proud to be continuing our relationship with the Trust to deliver research and connect with communities throughout the pandemic.  Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how our research could help you get to know your audiences better.

“Birmingham Museums provide a fascinating glimpse into Birmingham's rich and vibrant past and showcase world class museum collections.”

Lynsey Clark, Director