Bluegrass Research was created in 2008. The founding team have a wealth of experience in research and have worked together for many years.

Our vision was to create a company focussed on delivering high quality, qualitative and quantitative research which would make a real difference to our clients.

We are very proud of the portfolio of clients and projects we have built. Working across sectors and audiences, we explore and measure attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, perceptions. We never tire of listening to people – and working out what they are really saying.



Sonya Dixon


Research through and through: has spent her entire career researching around the world. Logical Thinker. Loves working with brands and has been lucky enough to work with the best: Dulux, Coca Cola, Nestlé, CBI... Always wants to learn new things.

Most often found...
Eating out [but not as often as she used to!]; singing; despairing that her (female) colleagues can't get enthusiastic about football... cricket...

Its all about...
Squeezing out all you can from life.

The others say...
If in doubt... ask Sonya.

“We've experienced the commercial reality faced by marketers and have worked on both sides of the research buying and selling fence. We understand what our clients need for their business and how research can help.”

Linda Landles


Lots of experience in industry, heading marketing departments and managing large budgets. Spent 10 years buying marketing research; and 20 years [so far] delivering it. Loves the excitement of new projects and wrestling deep meaning from research results.

Most often found...
Helping Eliza and Harry with homework; snuggling up with a good book; ironing!

It's all about...
Family, fulfilment, fun.

The others say
The oasis of calm when we're spinning out

“Our vision was to create a company focussing on delivering high quality, qualitative and quantitative research which would make a real difference to our clients.”

Lynsey Clark


Hardest working team member (according to her colleagues). Likes a challenge. Driven, caring and loyal. Loves the buzz of getting it right for clients. A bit of a perfectionist.

Most often found...
Running, shopping, planning holidays, sleeping.

It's all about...
Making the most of it and doing the best you can.

The Others say...
Don't stay too late Lynsey!

“Each research project is different. We design our research to deliver the knowledge our clients need.”

Fiona Doran

Research Manager

Outstandingly creative, with bags of research experience. Efficient, organised and has a flair for design. An asset on all projects.