Who we are

Experienced and enthusiastic; a close-knit and highly focused team.

Since Bluegrass was established in 2008, we have been doing what we love: working in areas that are important and interesting to us as individuals and where we know we can make a difference.

As a team of highly experienced research professionals, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds, ambitions and challenges. We work collaboratively and form partnerships, a result of our hands-on approach. We take pride in our work and go above and beyond to deliver. Our high level of repeat business is testament to this.

We’ve built up an impressive client list spanning many sectors, with specialist knowledge areas across the team. There’s more about us below – please get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we could help.

Meet the team

Sonya Dixon


Sonya is a founding Director of Bluegrass and a specialist marketing researcher with over thirty years’ experience working internationally across a range of sectors.

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Lynsey Clark


Lynsey has been part of Bluegrass from the start. A strategic thinker, with national experience of delivering behaviour change and customer experience research.

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Fiona Doran

Associate Director

Outstandingly creative, efficient and organised - plus bags of research experience - Fiona is an asset on all projects.

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Lydia Neave

Senior Research Executive

Conscientious and enthusiastic, Lydia throws herself into everything she does and is committed to delivering work to a very high standard.

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Frances Lowry

Research Executive

Frances loves the diverse range of research we do at Bluegrass - no project is ever the same and she loves the creative freedom in investigating and reporting different questions, findings, and ideas.

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